About Global Magic Shop

Based out of Perth, Western Australia.

Global Magic Shop is a Family Owned and Operated Business Created by a Magician for Magicians.

This is our passion. We do things a little differently than other magic stores. We have a vision of the perfect place to learn to be a magician, and we work everyday to bring that vision to life.

Our mission is to bring the Australian Magic community together through our social media channels and to deliver the biggest range of products available online including the newest releases from leaders and artists in magic all around the world at the most competitive prices.

Global Magic Shop is in proud partnership with Murphy’s Magic Supplies and Theory11. We can assure our customers of our excellent customer support as well as access to the newest releases and pre-orders on a weekly basis.

Magic is different from other hobbies and even other performance arts. Magic has a very strong and wonderful community aspect to it. We’re proud to be a part of that community, and we welcome you, and look forward, to sharing our love of magic.

We work hard everyday to bring you the best and stay at the forefront of magic and look forward to seeing your journey as a magician grow.

For any questions or to get in touch, contact us and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Global Magic Shop