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Harry Lorayne (born 4 May 1926) is an American magician and a memory-training specialist and writer who was called “The Yoda of Memory Training” and “The World’s Foremost Memory-Training Specialist” by Time magazine. He is well known for his incredible memory demonstrations and has appeared on numerous television shows including 24 times on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. His book The Memory Book was a New York Times bestseller. His card magic, especially his innovations in card sleights, is widely emulated by amateur and professional magicians.To demonstrate his memory, Lorayne would stand beside the president of the club he was visiting and be introduced to each member. The number of members of a club could reach up to 1,500. After an hour and a half, Lorayne would speak about memory for about 20 minutes and then ask if anyone had a question. He promised that he would pay any questioner whose name he could not remember a thousand dollars. He always remembered the names of every member of the audience.[citation needed]Lorayne also made news by memorizing and recalling information from phone books with no errors. On just about every public appearance demonstrating his memory abilities, he would meet all the people in the audience, then he would open his show by asking all the people he met to please stand. He’d ask them to sit down as, and if, he pointed to each person and said his or her name. He sat down everyone in the audience. He had a memory school in New York employing such instructors as Bob Elliott and Darwin Ortiz. His video course (MEMORY POWER) was used as part of the training of many top corporations.

Harry Lorayne Magic

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