Celestial Mechanics by Dave Davies and Alakazam Magic

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“The name David Davies is well known in the underground card scene.” – Alakazam

Celestial Mechanics tecahes come of David’s prized moves. Moves that until now have only ever been taught to a select few. With well over 20 moves, cuts and flourishes. Celestial Mechanics is sure to find it’s way into every cardists collection. It’s time to take your front row seat for a private lesson with one of the UK’s forefathers of this incredible art.

  • Bling – a twirling in the hands three packet cut.
  • Pulse – a three packet in the hands cut.
  • Kolyvagin – a rotating multi packet cut.
  • Zero Point – a three packet cut with a hard pivot.
  • Neutron – a twirling four packet cut.
  • Knothole Cut – a three packet cut that turns over.
  • Coriolis – a multiple packet cut with counter rotating packets.
  • Yoda – a four packet cut that jumps between the hands.
  • Sideswipe – an example of a cut and a four card revelation.
  • Backhanded – four packet Knothole cut with a back of the hand finish.
  • Swirlier Pass – a swirling twirling running Charlier Pass.
  • Harlequin – Chris Kenner’s Sybil flourish turned back to front.
  • Clockwork Cut – an eye pleasing remix of Brian Tudor’s Revelation Cut.
  • Four Point Function – a four packet variation of Chris Kenner’s Sybil flourish.
  • Thumb Trigger – using the thumb to trigger a crimpless card production.
  • Molecular Sandwich – a Molecule production locates two other cards.
  • Monocule – a flourish cut with a one handed Molecule production.
  • Molecular 360 Hybrid – using Burst for a Molecule like production.
  • Molecular Reconfiguration – a Molecule production occurs backwards.
  • Snapparition – a selection appears with a finger snap from a squared deck.
  • Burst – a selection bursts into existence at the fingertips.
  • Fast Tabled Four – a quick slick tabled four card production.
  • Tightly Wound – the Clockwork Cut combined with a Lennard Green’s Thumb Shot.
  • Delicate Extraction – three variations of a single card production.
  • Unstoppable Steel Tendon Form – a remix of Marc Decoux Crazy Little Flourish
  • Good Intentions – a visual descending four card production.
  • Gravitational Mishap – a one handed cut dropped to the table produces a card.
  • Mechanical Popover – a flipped packet mechanically produces a card.

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