EXT’HAND by Sylvain Mirouf

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AN AMAZING CARD TRICK by Sylvain Mirouf and brought up to date! 

 We are happy to introduce a new kind of card trick : Ext’Hand! 

An effect featuring a superhero, which will appeal to both kids and adults. 

 Show the spectators a deck of cards. First, a card is chosen and then lost in the deck. Now it’s time to introduce your superhero assistant, EXT’HAND!  

 Show the audience a card with a superhero drawn on it and explain that each superhero has a specific power. The particularity of that one will help you to find the chosen card.  

 With a snap, the drawn superhero takes his arm out of the card frame. Better, you put your assistant on the top of the deck and then spread the playing cards : the arm is extended on the back of the cards! What a surprise for your audience, the superhero’s arm stops on a SINGLE card, the spectator choice!  

 Very easy to perform, with a real story to talk, this unusual magic trick allows you to achieve a real miracle almost without manipulation! The specially printed deck does all the work for you, so you’re focused on the presentation.  

 Several handlings are taught in the explanation video. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits you the best.   


  • Very Easy to do 
  • Specially printed deck
  • Very visual effect with great storytelling
  • Reset in seconds

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