My Favorites by Mario Tarasini video (Download)

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This is a series of tricks I have created in 2 years.

In the file you will find 3 tricks that are compatible with each other.


Mario Tarasini introduces you to another effect for social media.
Swipe the corner of the card, insert it into the bag and… the corner will disappear.
The disappearance of the corner is very fast just like with CGI.
The trick works automatically, all you have to do is to blow to the bag and the corner will disappear.
After the trick, the bag can be given to the spectator
No black art
No thread
No magnets
This trick is super quick and easy to do.

Wingardium Leviosa

Hover one card over the deck and feel like Back to the Future surfing on a board. Totally freedom on your control. Best part – NO threads!


The magician takes one dollar and puts it into his wallet.
Money visually turns into different bill!
It is a visual routine that can be adapted anywhere.
The trick is very easy to perform.
Works with any currency.

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