New York Magic Symposium, V4 Stephen Minch

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Long out of print, we found some brand new copies of this hardbound release

Just look at the names of contributors, mostly heavy hitter and even so this is older material you find plenty that you will be able to use or adapt.

Clear illustrations throughout!

Table of Contents

  • 6 Author’s Introduction (Stephen Minch)
  • 14 Essay (Adam Fleischer)
  • 15 1985 Magic Symposium Highlights
  • 18 The $10,000 Magic Entertainer of the Year Competition
  • 21 Looking Back (highlights of the 1984 NYMS in San Francisco & NY)
  • 30 A Cut & Restored Rope Replacement (Michael Ammar)
  • 32 Volte-Face (Daryl)
  • 35 The Tallahassee Tent (Paul Harris)
  • 38 The Great Sugar Swindle (Pat Hazell)
  • 41 The Flying Flourish Cut (Pat Hazell)
  • 43 Vacilation (Richard Kaufman)
  • 50 Necktie Party (Jeff McBride)
  • 53 Twice the Tithe (David Roth)
  • 55 And Paint the Roses Red (David Roth)
  • 56 Coniunctio Traiectio Disiunctio (Amalgamation, Transposition, Separation) (David Roth)
  • 58 Bit by Bit (Jay Sankey)
  • 62 Descartes Meets the Pop Outs (Jay Sankey)
  • 65 The Invisible Tailor (Slydini)
  • 70 Contrary Himber (Harry Anderson)
  • 72 Telepathy Plus Woman (Leslie Anderson)
  • 77 In the Shadow of the Synchronous (Bob Cassidy and Rich Bloch)
  • 79 Dartanian’s Release (John Cornelius)
  • 81 Just One More (Paul Cummins)
  • 84 Jazz Fusion (Louis Falanga)
  • 88 The Camel’s Back (Bill Goodwin & Ray Kosby)
  • 92 The Zoellner Phenomenon (Ray Hyman)
  • 97 The L.J. Add On (Larry Jennings)
  • 101 Half Passe Histed (Ken Krenzel)
  • 104 Point Blank (Geoff Latta & Jamy Ian Swiss)
  • 111 Blotched (Lisa Menna)
  • 116 S’No Ball (Turk Pipkin)
  • 118 Mount of Venus (Gary Lee Williams)

119 pages

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