Refill Butterfly Cards Blue 3rd Edition, 2 pack by Ondrej Psenicka

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Thousands of people have been amazing audiences with the original Butterfly Playing Cards unique marking system and in-depth video instructions. Butterfly Playing Cards’ marking system allows any performer to make miracles NOT possible with ANY other deck of playing cards.

Of course, after countless performances the deck will eventually wear out.

And thankfully Refill Butterfly Cards (available in packs of two or six decks) will save you money because we included a basic tuck box and no marking instructions. (Why pay for the instructions again?)

The Refill Butterfly Cards have a simple tuck case with a beautiful inner printing and contains a double-backer gaff card.

The cards themselves are identical to the original 3rd edition decks.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Refill Butterfly Cards do NOT include marking instructions or custom stickers.

  • If you want the in-depth video instructions and explanation card on the ingenious marking system… get the original Butterfly Playing Cards Marked 3rd Edition.

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